First Toothbrushes

Through excavations from all over the world people used a variety of items for teeth cleaning including animal bones, porcupine quills and twigs. An actual bristle toothbrush was discovered dating a early as 1600 BC. The bristles of the oldest toothbrushes found in China were made from hog hair. In Japan early toothbrushes were made from horse tail hair attached to an ox-bone.

The mass marketing of toothbrushes was a result of William Addis of England came to him while he was in jail in 1770. He thought there was a better way to clean teeth. At that time a rag was used to rub the teeth with soot and salt. Saving a small bone from a meal he drilled holes into it, got some bristles and then glued the bristles in place. It worked and after his release from jail he manufactured toothbrushes under the name of Wisdom Toothbrushes which is still in operation.


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