One in four

Delta Dental conducted a survey among dentists who reported on more than one in four of their patients who are children had a cavity in the past year. (reported February 1, 2013) Cavities are preventable so what is going on?

According to the press release, the survey results indicate that people need to brush up on some critical children’s dental health habits, including the basics of brushing and flossing. Seventy-five percent of the parents surveyed stated that they share eating utensils or drinking glasses with their children also sharing cavity-causing bacteria. The benefit of brushing for children comes from brushing at least twice a day for two minutes each time. And then there is flossing. Only 23 percent of the parents surveyed said their children floss daily.

Dr. Johnstone suggests starting children using a tooth brush at a very young age and for parents to recognize the importance of primary or baby teeth. Healthy baby teeth can help with having healthy permanent teeth. He recommends a first dental visit soon after they get their first tooth even if to meet the dentist, count teeth, ride in the dental chair or watch others in the family get their teeth cleaned.

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Food, fork and teeth

I recently the book, Consider the Fork, a history of invention in the kitchen by Bee Wilson. Most interesting was the evolution of our teeth in relation to the invention of eating utensils. Archaeological findings indicate the necessity of chewing for survival and the evidence is with the Chinese who developed superior knifes long before western civilization so their jaws evolved with an overbite nearly 1,000 years earlier than Western Civilization.  The overbite which is normal today is compared to the edge-to-edge bite. What changed was the adoption of the knife and fork, cutting food into small morsels before eating it. Christy website launch!

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