Advances – maybe not?

Following foot surgery, Dr. Taylor my podiatrist recommended orthotics. He used plaster which surprised me as I thought there was now high-tech, super-tech ways to fit for orthotics. Of course there is and he feels that the “old fashion” plaster is the most accurate and he can hold feet where he wants them.

This got me thinking about the advancements in dentistry. You can now go to high-tech dental practices and see your teeth enlarged on a big screen. Of course this shows every blemish on your teeth regardless of any concern for oral health these blemishes may have. This is an excellent opportunity for dentists to talk with patients about aesthetics even though people are unable to see many of the blemishes displayed on a big screen. OId fashion but still adequate is a mirror. Use a mirror to assess what you like and do not like about your teeth and then talk with your dentist. And let your trusted dentist diagnose for oral health issues that need attention.

Digital and analog x-rays each have their advantages and disadvantages. Analog are just fine. Patients do not need to be concerned about either as both are very low doses.

A so-called advancement is the over-the-counter whitening products found in strips. Most offer minimal whitening results. The best option is still using teeth whitening bleaching trays with prescriptive strength whitening solution.

Advancements can be good and there are many including preventive services and better diets; however, not all advancements mean better results. Learn more. Read professional studies, talk with professionals that do not have a financial stake and generally be a good consumer.


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